Welcome to Maze Runners.

Every 30 minutes you can go to a station.  You must say "Goes to ______ station 1" (the _____ representing the name of the station, listed below), then 30 minutes later you go to a second station, saying "Goes to _______ station 2".  After another thirty minutes you may say  "I retrieve a backpack". You must backtrack and say "Goes back to the _______  station" 30 minutes later, then say "Goes back to main platform" after another 30 minutes. You must go to all 5 stations and retrieve a backpack.  Then, when you have 5 bags, you will wait another thirty minutes before saying "Goes to the Puzzle Deck". Once you get there with all 5 bags, comment "Opens bag and Solves".

Station Names: Bridge, Ladder, Net, Fire Pit, Water Stream.

Two people cannot be at a backpack station (the second station you go to) at the same time.  However, if one person does not post for 2 hours at the backpack station, you can shove them, causing them to fall off and automatically go back to main platform.

Whoever solves the puzzle first by 5:30 PM EST tomorrow will win immunity.  If no one solves the puzzle, then whoever is farthest along will win immunity.  If there is a tie, then whoever got to that place in the challenge first will win.  Good luck!

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