You all know how to play, I explained on hangouts, just making the blog for consistency.

We are playing Touchy Subjects.

Results will be posted when the challenge is over. Whoever has the majority wins. In the event of a tie, whoevers incorrect guesses have more votes for them, that person will be the winner.

Question 1: Trust with life.
Question 2: Hang out with outside this game?
Question 3: Best looking?
Question 4 : Most intelligent?
Question 5 : Best Game?
Question 6: Biggest threat?
Question 7 : Least frequently talk to.
Question 8: Most deserving of a slap in the face.
Question 9: Most annoying.
Question 10: Least in control of the game.
Question 11: Most villanous.
Question 12: Most heroic.
Question 13 : Best shot at winning.

Final Six Bhutan Challenge

Zepher wins immunity!

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