Welcome to the final seven tribal council, and congratulations on immunity, Ale'Tia!

We will now bring in the members of our Jury. Romeo, Rhodanna, Britney, and Harry, voted out at the last tribal council.

Votes are due by 5:30 PM EST tomorrow to Answering your questions is strongly encouraged but not mandatory, and there is a chance you will be asked a follow-up question.

Note: Hidden immunity idols and immunity nullifiers can be last played at the Final 6.

To All: 7 are left in this game.  That is how many people were originally on your starting tribes.  How proud are you of how far you made, and how much you've overcome?

Ale'Tia: You won immunity tonight and are automatically in the final 6 tonight, no way around it. What are you going to do in the final stretch of the game, with only 3 potential more tribals to get out?  Are you nervous or invigorated?

Andrew: With seven left, and four original brawn, two original beauty, and one brain left, are tribal lines totally gone at this point? Or more clear than ever?

Jenni: Are you feeling more anxious to get to the end as the days go on, or are you starting to become accustomed to  losing someone every two nights?

Joey: Do you feel tonight will be another Bhutan Blindside? Or do you feel tonight the person will just know what's going to hit them?

Natalie: You officially are the last brain left in this game; do you think you could use this as an advantage?  Is it a blessing or a curse to you, or just a little bit of both?

Rosalyna: What is better to get rid of, an annoyance or a threat? Do you think tonight it will be an annoyance or a threat, or both?

Zepher: What effect do idols have on this game, knowing you would've gone home without an idol last night?  Do you theorize another idol will be played tonight?

Jenni stands.

Jenni: I play the idol on Zepher.

Any votes for Zepher do not count.

Joey: If that's the case, I play the idol on myself tonight.

Any votes Joey do not count.

Natalie: I also play the idol on myself.

Any votes Natalie do not count.

Probst: I will now read the votes.

....Zepher... Does not count

....Zepher... Does not count

....Zepher... Does not count

...... Joey, does not count.



14th Person Voted Out, and the 5th member of the jury...


Andrew, the tribe has spoken.

[The Below is Filler, Do not read into it]

Andrew covers his mouth, he cannot even fathom what is going on. Everyone in the tribe is shocked, and people are all covering there mouths. Andrew picks up his torch, and it is snuffed. Andrew nods and accepts his fate. Everyone is shocked.

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