Welcome, castaways, to your final 9 immunity challenge!  Congratulations to Jenni and Andrew, you have randomly been given the immunity lockets.

For this challenge, you may do three things.  You may post "Puts Arrow in Quiver" to load your quiver (arrows are your ammo - you can't fire with no arrows). You may choose to load multiple times at once. You must wait thirty minutes after your last post to load your quiver. You can additionally choose to charge for 30 minutes, meaning you wait thirty minutes after your last post to say "Charges Quiver". 

It takes 30 minutes after your last pot to fire, done by saying "Fires Arrow". A regular arrow has a 50/50 chance to strike the bullseye. (Done via A charged arrow, however, always strikes the bullseye. 

The person with the most strikes on the bullseye by 2:30 PM PST tomorrow will win. In the case of a tie, the person with the most remaining arrows in a quiver wins. If that is also tied, then whoever strikes the bullseye last between them will win.

Ale'Tia and Britney received an advantage, Rosalyna and Natalie received a super advantage. Andrew and Jenni are not participating. As always, if you have any questions just ask below!  Good luck.

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