Hello normal castaways, welcome back to reality. It's time to change things up, you picked it, we bring it. Drop your buffs! All of you are no longer apart of Brains vs. Brawns. vs. Beauty. From here on out you are all playing from not THREE tribes...only two.  Remember, you all voted for a tribe swap to happen now!  Here are the new tribes:

Ale'Tia S3Niaho S3SJenni S3Rhodanna S3Rosalyna S3S
Melissa S3SNatalie S3SAsuna S3SChris S3S
Romeo S3SMarty S3SSeb S3SJoey S3SGregory S3
Zepher S3Andrew S3SBritney S3Harry S3S

Just a reminder, you cannot talk to people from your old tribes, ONLY your new tribes, violation can lead to consequences. Welcome to your brand new tribes, get to know each other, the Bazaar will be open soon.